Thursday, July 07, 2005

London bombings......

A terrible tragedy in London today. Terrorism requires a measured and resolute response frrom our Leaders at such a traumatic time. The Country looks for guidance and leadership.... needless to say, the slimeball Blair gave his customary haltering and gasping speech with outrageously long mid-sentence and sometimes even mid-word pauses. What an utter fraud that man is. Even at this God awful time he just cannot drop the act - the voice, the body language, the eyes fixed at a far off object.

Contrast the vacuous Blair's act with George W Bush's informal, shocked - but most of all, genuinely heartfelt statement outside Gleneagles at lunchtime today. I don't have much time for dubbya, but his was a much more convincing and genuine communication of solidarity with Londoners than the ghastly staccato glottal posturing of Blair, a man devoid of all honour and integrity. I wonder how many times Blair has practised that (act) speech in front of the mirror as part of the contingency plans. And what is really amazing, anyone actually reading this can just imagine Blair doing it.

The cynic in me wonders how long it will take him and members of his cruddy cabinet to visit the injured in hospital. - Contrast that with British soldiers savagely maimed in Iraq and now residing as busted flushes in army nursing homes. In spite of frequent requests to do so, not one, not one single Minister, has ever managed to visit them.

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