Thursday, July 28, 2005

Give me Freedom and Liberty.......

(That's easy for Wallace to say, but what about Grommit - and me for that matter)......

Feelind a bit 'Serf-like' and a bit 'Put upon' I thought I should bang off a quick email to me old mate Shami Chakrabarti, the Director of 'Liberty'. (slogan 'Protecting Civil Liberties, Promoting Human Rights') and tell her so....

Why? God only knows. I'm sure it will be yet another exercise in head-banging futility.

I've noticed lately that the fenland campaigns tend to follow a familiar, predictable and wearisome course -
Phase 1 is to write the email.
Phase 2 is to wait in a pregnant pause limbo land, while hoping that someone, anyone will get back to me.
Phase 3 is to ring them up and try and get someone squirming on the other end of the phone - and actually admit the injustice.....
Phase 4 - add them to the list of cretinous 'yes men' and Government brown nosers.....

I'm clearly into 'Phase 2' territory with Liberty at the moment. The email was sent about 10 days ago... so tomorrow, 'Phase 3' will be instigated. I'll attempt to get through to Shami herself and make her squirm - which could be fun!

Anyway, Phase 1 - my original email is reproduced below, I'll keep you posted on progress.

Dear Shami Chakrabarti, Liberty Director,
Can you please help me. I am being quite deliberately being excluded from the democratic process - so much so that I believe my human rights are being compromised.

As it says on your web site you are concerned about 'Equality'
and under that heading, your organisation says that :-
'Liberty believes that all people have the right to be treated equally and fairly'........

Well I'm not. Why? Because I do not have a National Parliament to represent me. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do - but England doesn't, and that cannot be right can it?

The Welsh Assembly has been able to vote in free prescriptions for everyone in Wales and offers substantial financial help for its students. There's a similar story in Scotland - lots and lots of goodies on offer to their own inhabitants - but not to me and my fellow countrymen in England.

We all pay the same taxes, but thanks to the unjust 'Barnett Formula' , more is spent per head on the inhabitants of Scotland, Wales and N.I. than is spent on people in England.

In order to right this wrong, this country needs a parliament - NOT unelected regional quangos or no power regional assemblies.

Surely 'Liberty' should be fighting for equality for 80% of the UK population. If Scotland, Wales and N.I. have national parliaments - then so should England. Anything less is pernicious racism don't you think?

Can you please get back to me to let me know of any action that 'Liberty' will consider taking against the Government in order to restore democracy to me and preserve my human rights.


Snafu said...

Alfie, Good luck with the campaign.

wonkotsane said...


It's probably taken them 10 days to find a dictionary. :D