Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No matter where I look, no matter what I do, he's in my face

I didn’t want this to become an ‘I hate John Prescott’ blog, but it’s very, very difficult to avoid. He’s such an oaf, such an unadulterated whally with a whole sycophantasy of people behind him, only too willing to do his bidding….
Oh, and a shed full of cash and power to boot …..

Anyway, I’ve just heard a bit of a whisper that yet another, yet another bit of Prezza-pomposity has bitten the dust. I’ll provisionally add it to Prescott’s ‘tits up’ list, (which is well on the way to the second page by now).

The grandly named ‘Pathfinder’ project for the North of England – you know, that’s the brain dead initiative where nearly half a million perfectly sound Victorian and Edwardian built houses were to be demolished – and replaced with crappy jerry-built boxes for the discerning New Labour voter…..

Pathfinder house demolition was meant to stretch from Liverpool to Newcastle, and was sure to resurrect a whole new generation of corruption, Poulsons and T.Dan Smiths along the way. Not to mention the heartache as stable, organically grown communities are ripped apart in order to massage a blubbery fat man’s ego…

The natives weren’t happy – neither was English Heritage. Nobody wanted to be pathfindered into a crappy new estate – and they told the fat controller and his acolytes so in no uncertain terms.

Well apparently someone in Number 10 has taken notice and has ‘had a word’ with him. Has managed to locate Prezza’s rib cage under tons of pie-inspired blubber and shoved a sharp, politically incorrect elbow straight into them.

The word is that the ‘Pathfinder’ project apparently no longer stands for ‘demolition and renewal’. Oh no, no, no. The spin meisters have had another look at the meaning of ‘pathfindery’ in the Spin Dictionary….

The word has been redefined. The buzz word now emanating from B.S.H.Q. is ‘Refurbishment’…….

So now you know, the Pathfinder project is now one of Refurbishment of decent and quality built houses…..
It’s just a rumour from ‘a source’ – so it’s bound to be true.

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wonkotsane said...

I hate the fat tub of lard.

I've just awarded him Twat of the Week Award for the second week running, purely on the basis of him being a general twat.