Friday, July 22, 2005

Anne Beggs to differ…..

Firebrand Scottish Labour MP, Anne Begg has replied to Hereward’s cogent and pithily worded email – asking whether she had got her facts wrong during this week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Anne rather naughtily and quite outrageously claimed that the World’s most successful author, JK Rowling was a daughter of Scotland…..

To make matters worse, arch war criminal and member of ‘NA’ (Narcissism Anonymous), Tony ‘ballsy’ Blair – only went and agreed with her by claiming JK as a legitimate piece of tartan tail.

Ever anxious to get at the facts, ‘H’ did some delving and found that JK is from the Cotswold area of England – so he told Ms Begg so. (See previous post). He also informed the reporters of all things uttered at Westminster, ‘Hansard’. I don’t think I have ever been given such short shrift. What a bolshy lot they are in that organisation.

Anyway, for the record, please find detailed below Anne Begg’s reply.

"Dear worried English person,

I said she was Scotland's most successful author. She lives and works in Scotland. I did not say she was Scottish. Hansard is therefore correct".

Right, perfectly clear there then. I just need to tell Spain’s most successful actor - Sean Connery, and England’s most successful female singer – Madonna.

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wonkotsane said...

Daft bint.