Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You couldn’t blog it up….

I haven’t blogged for a good few days. The reason? Too depressed at the antics of our glorious government as they make yet another wrong turning on the journey of responsible government. The stuff being reported in the media over the past week, on crucifixes, debate, veils, offence, debate, respect and debate - sort of rendered me incapable of any tap, tap, tapping. I mean, how the hell could I compete with that lot?

During the last few days, witness the choreography of oxymoronic invective as battalions of ministerial NuLabour yes monkeys leap above the safety of the focus group barricades to wring hands, mop brows and effectively admit that the great super duper multicultural experiment was going tits up. (None was their fault, obviously – but thanks to their policies, the culture of victimhood and separation are flourishing, the wishes of the majority are routinely ignored and as a result, our society is in meltdown). Last week it was religious regalia and the wearing thereof, this week?
Who knows – perhaps the Iraq war, maybe health service cuts, or possibly giving more power and influence to a few more minority groups,… it could be NICE withdrawing more life saving drugs on the basis of cost…… But it’s more likely to be this report about sleazy voting practices in a banana republic called Yookania…

All pretence that we live in some sort of mature, sophisticated, at-ease with ourselves western society, governed by wise councillors doing what’s best for the people who actually elected them into office has surely been blown to hell in a Kleenex box. This cabal of oafs - fraud monkeys every last one of them, aided and abetted by a flaccid opposition, more concerned with being all things to all people are a disgrace to the name of democracy.

Junta leader, Il Presidente Tony Blair, V.C., M.C., D.S.O and bar, resplendent with a chest full of gold medalia, Ray-Bans and gold plated side arm as bought from ‘’ is just about what a third rate, morally bankrupt banana republic deserves – (and has got).

And that is a profoundly depressing thought.

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