Monday, October 02, 2006

Humble Watch….

Major excitement in our neck of the woods at the moment. The BBC has rolled into town to broadcast ‘Autumn Watch’ live from Martin Mere, West Lancashire – about 2 miles from Alfie Towers. The build up in a cordoned off corner of the car park has been going on for over 2 weeks now – it’s Winnebago motorhome central round here at the moment. Stuck into the sky is a couple of huge satellite dishes – and there are lots of BBC people with BBC clip boards and pens behind their BBC ears running about looking panicky……… (Not that I’ve been gawping that much).

In spite of my very best efforts, I haven’t yet seen Kate Humble – or even Bill Oddie. However, at last Monday’s quiz night in the Blood Tub Pub, a couple of regulars who work at Martin Mere promised faithfully that they would persuade Ms Humble to partake in a few scoops with the locals at tonight’s soiree….

Admittedly, they were a bit jolly and a bit wobbly – but they seemed 100% confident they could persuade the Humblester to visit our local pub. They’d better, most of the regulars have had a bath specially and everything….

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Toque said...

That is exciting. We had Oddie and co down in Devon for Springwatch....and the twitchers that turned up to get a peek at the lesser spotted Goodie, millions there were!