Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BBC loses England again....

I’m having a whip round for a worthy cause. I’m collecting money for a map of the UK to give to Auntie Beeb – so they can find out where England is.

The latest case of selective geographic myopia exhibited be BBC News is the reporting of the Audit Commission’s damning condemnation of the Rural Payments Agency and its pathetic attempts to pay English farmers the Single Payment Scheme money that everyone else in Europe has already received (including Scotland, Wales and Northern Irish farmers).

The source of their information is a press release from the Audit Commission. The BBC have read it, copied it and shoved it through the smoke and mirrors filter... (It's a good day to bury English bad news in a UK fluffy blanket, so to speak)..

The Audit Commission’s press release is entitled –
National Audit Office Press Notice
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and Rural Payments Agency: the delays in administering the 2005 Single Payment Scheme in England…..
(in 'England', get it?)

Compare and contrast with the BBC News web page which states that –
Mistakes 'cost UK farmers £22.5m
A series of government mistakes while bringing in a system of agricultural payments cost UK farmers up to £22.5m, the National Audit Office says. Its report on the Rural Payments Agency found the costs related to additional interest and arrangement fees on loans. The RPA was set up in 2001 as an executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

It is responsible for allocating about £1.5bn under the EU's single farm payment scheme’.....

It’s a bit of a surprise then that apart from the clear as crystal press release title, the 'Notes to Editors' feature at the bottom of the Audit Commission’s press release states that

’The Single Payment Scheme is worth £1,515 million to 116,000 farmers in England.

The Rural Payments Agency is responsible for administering single payment scheme payments in England. Payments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are handled by the devolved administrations’.

The BBC, willing sycophantic NuLabour brown nosers in the campaign to eradicate England – and to hell with accuracy and objectivity.


W G Gruff said...

I'm not surprised. I've started listening to Radio 3 and Radio 4 again, after a long period of abstention (because I am sick of listening to Scotch accents) and every programme includes at least one Jock or Jockette. If the presenter isn't a Jock then he has a Scotch name. Experts and consultants are Scotch or, otherwise, from Scotch universities or Scotch companies.

The BBC is rotten with Jock in just the way that a bloated, foetid corpse is addled with maggots.

The only compensation is that the more we hear them the more we sicken of them.

We will have our independence from this mess of tartan pottage.

Cato said...

I noticed today the R4 and BBC TV newsreaders actually referred to 'England' when commenting upon the latest decision by NICE to refuse funding for an anti-cancer drug on the grounds that it had not been sufficiently tested and was not thought to be cost-effective.
The fact that it's been available in Scotland since the mid 1990s obviously weighs little with NICE.
However, it was 'nice' to hear the news-casters refer to England.