Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not wanted: An English actor to play an English hero…

Just watched the first episode of BBC’s new Saturday night blockbuster, ‘Robin Hood’.

In keeping with the usual casting policy of TV and movie making companies, the BBC has selected yet another foreigner to play yet another English hero. Apart from the rubbish script, appalling direction and clichéd editing, Robin of Locksley was played by ‘Jonas Armstrong’, an actor from the Republic of Ireland. His performance was awful, as wooden as the false MDF walls of old Nottingham Castle. Sometimes, his Irish brogue seeped through the forced English accent, he sounded like a pissed off pissed Bob Geldorf when he was trying to save Africa. I half expected him to start screaming at some fat-arsed English merchants – "Give us yuz fooking money, oi want yuz fooking money now!" ….

You would have thought the BBC could have found an English actor to play an English hero….. and hey, who knows, start a whole new trend…….

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