Friday, October 27, 2006

Harold Green

Sad to report that English patriot and senior English Democrats party member, Harold Green died suddenly last night. I only knew Harold for little over 2 years but during that time, I got to know a man who cared passionately about his country, the cause of a parliament for England – and of all things English.

He will be sadly missed.


Huldah said...


I'm sorry to leave this OT comment on the obituary for Mr Green. But I thought you'd be interested in it.

Last August, you blogged about an extraordinarily aggressive BBC Duty Officer when you called in to complain about a radio item.

As I'd had a similar experience, also from a Duty Officer with a pronounced Scottish accent, I wrote in to them.

Their response is below:


I am writing in response to your further comments about the way in which
your original complaint was dealt with by BBC Information. I appreciate
that you have had to wait a considerable time for this response and please
accept my sincere apologies for that.

In order to look into your complaint it was necessary to obtain a recording
of your original call to ascertain what actually happened during your
conversation with the BBC Information agent concerned. This took longer
than we would have hoped, as the call had been archived and was difficult
to retrieve. Having now had an opportunity to listen back to it I can
certainly understand why you were unhappy about the service you received on
that occasion and would agree that it left much to be desired.

Front line BBC Information staff handled around 1 1/2 million contacts
last year and the levels of customer satisfaction from these are monitored
on a quarterly basis. The results of these surveys regularly show
satisfaction levels which put the BBC in a "World class" category of
customer service and we are therefore very disappointed when, on occasions
such as this, that service doesn't match expectations.

Please be assured that feedback like yours is taken very seriously and that
we always investigate instances where members of the public express
unhappiness with the service they receive. In some instances there may be
unavoidable reasons, but where we can identify areas for improvement,
training issues or bad practice, we ensure that the necessary measures are
put in place to address these.

I should mention that the agent who took your original call no longer works
for the BBC, but the key areas which were not right in your call such as
the tone and the unreceptive manner of the agent and the inaccurate
information given to you (which caused a further delay in responding) have
been fed back to senior BBC Information management so that lessons can be
learned from your experience and applied in staff training in the future.

Ultimately, I can only apologise again for what we fully acknowledge was a
very poor initial response to your complaint, and I am sorry that it took
so long for this apology, which I hope you will accept, to reach you.

Yours sincerely

Alison Wilson
Divisional Adviser
Factual Programmes

Anonymous said...

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