Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Of course Oona, you do realise - this means war…

Oona King, Brown Babe, Galloway scalp and editor - moderator of Gordon Brown’s Blog has blanked me for the very, very, very last time. Alfie is not happy at having his pithy, off-message comments routinely chucked into the delete bin because they’re not saying how fab Gordon Brown is and how wunderbar his English-centric policies are..

Blogging is a byword for a free exchange of opinions, a la Voltaire (I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it) Apparently not in Oona King’s case.

Oona, Gordon and the rest of the backroom Gordstapo at GB Blog HQ you just don’t get it do you? You don’t operate a blog – you operate a propaganda machine from Gordon’s Ministry of Bull.

And so I have to warn you, Alfie has never been a fan of propaganda machines and is plotting revenge on the supposed 'listening man' and his conniving cohorts…..

Watch this space.


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Chris Abbott said...

Go get 'em!!

Fidothedog said...

Oona wasn't she the dickhead who lost her seat to Gorgious Galloway? Anyway shall be popping over to see what our monovisioned chancellor has in store...

Lew said...

I believe i am also being censored in some way on my MP's message board.

Some weeks ago I wrote to Anne Snelgrove MP, asking if she was supporting the EDM proposed a while ago, calling for an english parliament.

She wrote back, completley missing my point and rattling on about regional government, which I never even mentioned.

Anyway, to be fair to her, she did say she would post a topic on her forum, which she did (www.annesnelgrove.co.uk)

So a few days after I received the letter from her, I went onto the web site and sure enough, it had been added as a topic and had a post already from someone bravely calling themselves "j":

"This is a nonsense distraction, hence only 20 out of 650 MPs have even bothered to sign it"

Well reading this left me incandecent with anger. After a few minutes to calm down I sent this in response:

"Nonsense in what sense exactly?

Is the fact that England has been left out of the devolution debate entirely nonsense?

Is it nonsense that England has no representative governing body to call it's own, while Scotland has it's own parliament and Wales it's own assembley?

Is it nonsense that we will have a Prime Minister passing legislation which will not affect his own constituents?

Is it nonesense that there are many life saving drugs freely available if you happen to live in Scotland, but denied to you if you live in Enland?

Is it nonsense that scottish MP's, who voted AGAINST university fees and foundation hospitals for their own country, voted FOR them for England? bills which may have been rejected were it not for their interjection.

I put it to you that the reason only 20 have signed the EDM is because nobody at the top table has the guts to approach this topic, let alone debate it.

Why is England being ignored in the devolution debate?

Who out there has the gumption to stand up and say that none of this is right?

The genie is already out of the bottle. Mr.Blair and Mr.Brown thought that giving Scotland it's own parliament would kill the desire for independance stone-dead; it has done the exact opposite, and they are now faced with Alex Salmond as first minister. Good on him I say.

So it looks like Scotland will indeed be heading for independance. The next question is where on earth does that leave England if we have no governing body of our own?

The only solution is to move towards making Westminster, once again as it was before, the seat of English government, and addressing an imbalance that is, in a hunderd different ways, politically and morally wrong."

When I hit the send button, the site suspiciously announced it was sending my message to the admin for approval. Vetting more like; that was three weeks ago and my reply still hasn't appeared. I sent another messsage last night asking if I was being censored.

So Alfie, any chance you and some of your cohorts can hit Anne Snelgrove's web site? I could do with some moral support:)



PS - love your blog