Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More lies, lies, lies from the BBC….

The BBC Cancer Week news special is really getting on my nerves. Every day they spew forth more smoke and mirrors rubbish for English consumption.

Today’s effort was from a special medical reporter broadcasting from a French hospital. Obviously, the French standard of cancer healthcare makes our efforts look feeble indeed. After interviewing lots of recovering patients, the hack donned his gravely concerned furrowed brow and informed a shocked UK audience that "Avastin, whilst available free to everyone in France is not available to any NHS patients in the UK because NICE have not approved it.

Sorry ace medical reporter, but last time I looked, Scotland was part of the UK – I also believe they do actually have NHS patients…… and they are certainly receiving Avastin free of charge….. So that’s alright then.

For the benefit of the hack – and every other BBC ignoramus
please find below a detailed explanation of Avastin downloaded from ‘The Independent’ website.

Avastin (bevacizumab)
COST: £20,000 a year
WHAT IT IS: Another monoclonal antibody for use primarily on colon cancers. It attacks the tumour cells while causing little damage to the body's normal, healthy cells.
WHAT IT DOES: Trials have shown it can shrink tumours by up to 40 per cent by reducing the cancer's oxygen and nutrient supply.
HOW TO GET IT: Available in Scotland for colon cancers. Nice is expected to decide this autumn on its use for colon cancers in England and Wales

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