Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hiding bad English news with UK smoke again….

A Swedish study has found out that the ‘UK’ has one of the worst records over access to cancer drugs in the Western world.

Researchers ranked the ‘UK’ in the bottom group for its "slow and low" uptake of drugs after analysing the sales of 67 treatments in 25 countries…….

So, is it a ‘UK’ wide problem? I should cocoa. Those grubby little oiks at NICE are being blamed – so that means it is England that is at the bottom of the league and not ‘the UK’

Lead researcher Dr Bengt Jonsson said: "It is our hope that this report will inspire policy-makers and decision-makers to take action to address these imbalances so that access to new innovative cancer drugs does not become dependent on the patient's country of residence.

"Countries need to address urgently how they are going to accommodate newer drugs into health care systems and pay for them."

Unfortunately Bengt baby, my little Swedish bundle of intellectual naivity, in England there are 2 Hopes.

When compared with the other countries of the UK, it's strictly.‘Bob Hope’ and ‘No Hope’ as far as equitable and fair cancer treatment for English citizens,

Full smoke and mirrors story here courtesy of the BBC red pen department…..

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