Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blair is dead..... bring on the book deal.

I know it’s not a time for soundbites but I really did feel the gonads of climactic euphoria when I watched Tony Blair deliver his leaving speech from Sedgefield.

It had the lot, pure Disney from start to finish. Bambi without Thumper, Pathos without the other Musketeers, Mills and Boone without a plot, misty eyes and snotty noses without a hankie, manic rentacrowdsters without brains clapping and a-whooping for Britain - and great dollops of Barbara Cartland bad-taste for extra effect….

Who does Blair think he is? Martin Luther King? Jesus? Mandela? St Francis of Assisi? Moses? Stig of the Dump? God Almighty?…..

It was ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’ meets ‘Done up like a kipper’ all shoved into a mega sized sick bag 'to go'.

The Narcissist is dead, bring on the Dour man... we’re waiting for ya….

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