Thursday, March 01, 2007

St George or no St George?….

OK, I’ll admit that now and again I watch the crappest quiz show on the box – Channel Four’s Deal or No Deal?….

On special days, they’ll do a bit of a theme, last month was a luvvy dovey big hearted edition to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. Heart graphics and kissy-kissy icons everywhere.

Today, being St David’s Day meant the 22 contestants all had daffodils sticking out of their lapels. The woman invited to take the deal or no deal journey was Welsh and the special prize for which the public phoned in to try and claim was increased accordingly to mark this special day.

Guess what? They’ll be doing a St Patrick’s Day special on March 17th as confirmed by the Channel 4 bloke who I rang straight after today’s show. "So if you’re doing a St Patrick’s Day celebration – and you’ve just done St David, are you doing a St George’s Day celebration on April 23rd ?… Will everyone have roses in their lapels and will Noel Edmonds be dressed as St George?"..

His answer came straight from the Deal or No Deal box of evasion…."Hmmmm, I’m not really too sure. I could suggest it to the producers if you like"

Oh goody! Another media company ignoring the national icon of the biggest country of the union – I ranted away. Quite a lot, actually. He was quiet – hopefully he was listening intently. More likely he had gone away to make a cup of tea or something…finally, I said "So what are you going to do about it?"….

He said he would put my comment in the comments log.
Whoopy do.

I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone.
I wasn’t allowed to ask that someone ring me.
I wasn’t allowed to ask diddley squat…..

Maybe you’ll have better luck? You can phone Channel 4 viewer enquiries support on 0845 076 0191. Or you can email them from here

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