Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Joe Stalin's youngest....

I don’t know, what do you think? Is the Soviet Man of Steel related to our own Iron Brewed Chancellor? Check out the eyebrows, eyelids, chins and miserable menacing scowls....

Did Joe Stalin have a dalliance with old Mrs Brown from the Soviet Republic gulag of Kirkcaldykov all those years ago? Was she seduced by the big handlebar moustache, the five year plan and the endless supply of rocket grade vodka?

In short, is Gordon, Joe’s love muffin? Is our Chancellor’s real name, Gordon Ivanavoff Stanislav Stalin?

You know what, he just could be…. And if he was, it would all makes sense….. ‘Gordon Stalin’, ‘Gorball’s Mick Rasputin the mad drunk’ and ‘Czar Tony Romanov, the really, really Terrible’…….

One thing’s for sure, when Gordon finally takes over the Politburo and Czar Tony is airbrushed out of history, will our new glorious leader be buying a bumper pack of ice picks? If so, Charles Clarke, John Reid and Lord Turnbull better watch out.

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