Sunday, March 11, 2007

The 'Cash for Lives' scandal...

Another day, another drug apparently completely off limits to those living in England, although freely available to the Scots. All due to the great northern bribe, the pay-off of shame, the billions of Barnett formula cash given to the Scottish nation in an attempt to stop the moaning and emasculate the nationalists.

Well it just ain’t right. People in England are dying in the ‘Cash for Lives’ scandal, courtesy of Gordon Brown’s ball-point pen and his Treasury cheque book. The Barnett formula - this appalling annual pay-off, little more than hush money, has more in common with ‘Dane Gelt’ the Anglo Saxon tax pay-off to the Vikings, than with a modern sophisticated market economy..

This pernicious little Brown envelope payment to a miserable and ungracious neighbour has just got to be stopped. The Celt Gelt is out of date by a thousand years. It’s time to bin it and treat all citizens of the UK with equal respect, because if we have to rely on this illicit payment to help preserve the union, then from this person’s perspective, it’s much too high a price to pay.

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A Brummie said...

Nurses pay as well now