Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Please Sir, we want more"….

Education, Education, Education, is not what the final year history students on a course at Bristol University are getting at the moment. They have been offered just 2 hours tuition a week for their £1,200 fees - and that works out at 20 quid an hour. However, for those lucky, lucky English students who have just started their courses this year, the top up charge has taken the cost of learning up to over 3 grand per year. That takes the cost of the final year course up to an eye watering 60 quid per hour…..

The university has apparently allotted the rest of the week for ‘private research’ and ‘independent study’ by the students. However someone from the course - obviously a right Jonny Provocateur, dangerous trouble maker and Bolshevik told the university’s newspaper Epigram: "I thought I was paying to be educated by leading academics, not for a library membership and a reading list."

Look Jonny P, Terry Trotsky, Jimmy Stalin and the rest of you English student troublemakers you’d better all start getting used to it – Remember the mantra, Ripped off, Ripped off, Ripped off…..

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear ...Socialists make me laugh, with their pitiful ignorance of human nature. Students demanding value for money ...whatever next?