Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Answer the Nuclear dumping question, jerk!.....

...to paraphrase my hero, John MacEnroe.

And the question I've tried to get answered is aimed at a right slimey Dan, career creep and all round power junkie, David Miliband. I've rung his office, tried to get a question to him on phone ins, spoken to his experts and reminded his underlings that I am still waiting for his reply which has now slipped over their own self imposed deadline of 15 days.

Every day I ring his cruddy office - every day I get a Miliband body swerve. I've even tried to enlist the help of my Labour MP. I don't hold out much hope of success here though, Mrs Supine is about as motivated as a dead sloth.

The question I would like answered is -

Subject: Nuclear waste disposal.....

Dear Mr Miliband,

Yesterday you announced your decision to bury low, middle and high level radioactive nuclear waste - and stated that if certain councils agreed to house the waste in their areas then they would get the added bonus of substantial government funding to the tune of millions of pounds.

Also, during an interview with Peter Allen yesterday on BBC's FiveLive radio station, you talked about how you hoped 'the country's councils would take up the invitation and offer to house the waste'.

Can you please tell me which 'country' are you talking about? Is the invitation open to all councils in the UK - or just England and Wales - or even just England? Please, in future, if you are just referring to England, can you make it clear, so the population of England can make a judgement based on the facts.

I heard Jack McConnell being interviewed on Radio Scotland on Wednesday - and he said that Scotland would not be taking and burying any of their own nuclear waste. He said that it would all be coming down to England to be buried.....

He's either very presumptuous, or he knows something we don't.... I suspect the latter, what do you think? Which is all a bit odd really - after all, with some of the oldest and hardest rock in the world and a population density less than that of the Gobi Desert, I would have thought the Scottish Highlands would have been the best place of all to put it, don't you agree?

Hoping for a swift, honest, spin-free and accurate reply.

Some hope.

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