Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Daily Politics - watch it if you can..…

You really should log onto the BBC Daily Politics’ website and download today’s programme. That gobby Nu Labour ginger midget, Hazel Blears was on.

Uber growler, Andrew Neil was the man with the electric prod trying to get an answer, any answer from her. Of course he couldn't - but the squirming from Blears was a sight to behold. It really is riveting telly, Blears getting dizzy due to all the body swerves and turbo waffle she was doing. Neil getting more irritated because he just could not get an answer from her. I just wish I’d had a quid for every time Neil said "Can you just answer the question?"

Well Blears couldn’t and wouldn’t …. The ginger rabbit was stuck, transfixed rigid in the headlights of the Andrew Neil Turbo Coupe. She just looked like she desperately hoped Scotty would beam her up to the Starship Enterprise. Unfortunately, the Dylithium Crystals must have been on the blink again because Scotty was busy in the engine room.

She just sat there, blinking, gasping, drowning……..

There is no doubt about it, Andrew Neil is a proper job journalist…… I am amazed that the Beeb hasn’t yet been instructed by No 10 spin machine to get rid of him.

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