Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taliban Tam….

"Come on you Mullahs!!!"...

I’m not going to the World Cup this year….. but I know a man who is. Unlike me, I can’t afford to go - but he’s over there courtesy of BBC licence money. Unlike me, he hates England with a passion. Unlike me, he wants England to lose – at every opportunity. Unlike me, he’ll support ‘anyone but England’…..

His name? Nicky Campbell, aka ‘Taliban Tam’, aka BBC FiveLive ‘Breakfast Show’ anchor and occasional ‘Watchdog’ presenter on TV. Campbell has quite openly professed to really not liking England at all – in fact just before the last World Cup, TT proclaimed to a largely English audience that if England were playing a Taliban XI, then he would be forced to support the mullahs……

Obviously, it was all ‘said in jest’.

Obviously, English people are supposed to take the insult in good heart – as all part of the love hate relationship with ourselves and the jocks (or Republican Irish in his case).

Obviously, I wrote to his BBC producer to complain about how a man who despises the only Home country to reach the World Cup Finals should be going over to the tournament in the first place – twice.

Obviously, he totally ignored me – twice.

Obviously, I have complained to BBC Head Honcho, Michael Grade.

Obviously, in around 6 months time I’ll get a standard ‘sod off’ letter from some poxy BBC office ‘Standard Bullshit Reply Division’…..


Toque said...

The BBC are sending over 300 'journalists' to Geramny to cover the World Cup.

I bet half of them will be non-English.

nothingtoblogabout said...

Wow. The paranoia is amazing. I'm almost kind of proud that a tiny country like Scotland can upset a big country like England so much. But it's also kind of sad.

And I've just realised you're the same guy I posted a complaint about on the cep site today. And I posted on the toque site through there. So you're all connected, eh? Very cosy, with your little campaign to stir up anti-Scottishness.

Look, if we supported England you'd call us hypocrites and liars.

alfie said...

A complaint? Surely not.

Please detail the complaint - and I will answer it.