Sunday, June 11, 2006


Chav Towers, chav Son (with new chav name of) ‘Tyson’ and ‘Bling’ the wonder dog.

Alfie has finally chucked out the sophisticated high art pictures of the ‘Green Chinese Lady’ and the ‘Dancing Gypsy’ for a change of image. The façade of sophistication has been well and truly binned, forever (or more likely until the World Cup is over)…….

He has decided to go a bit chavvy, in a resolute attempt to upset all those hand wringing journos at The Guardian and the Independent. People like the ugly bird, Janet Street Furniture and Jonathan Barker have been doing their sneering best to rubbish the current red and white love in with the St George’s flag.

So I got this big, big flag, size 9ft x 6ft for the startlingly reasonable price of a penny under a fiver. It is now proudly fixed to the outside of our house – and will remain there until England have won the competition (confident or what?)

‘Bling’ the wonder dog on the lookout for hapless Guardian readers…. GRRRRRR.

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