Sunday, June 11, 2006

St George – reclaimed apparently….

Watching BBC news 24 today saw a group of Fleet Street’s finest sat round a big walnut table reviewing the Sunday ‘papers. The big topic of conversation was how the whole country going St George’s flag mad…..

Everyone said they knew nothing about football and grinned in that sort of superior grinny way that self-proclaimed intellectuals cultivate to bathroom mirrors. Everyone thought that it was "a good thing" that the flag had been ‘reclaimed from the right’….

Death-rattling Ann Leslie, the crusty old hack from the Daily Mail proclaimed"It’s really great to see the St George’s flag reclaimed from the far right – one wonders just what they (the far right) will be using as a symbol to further their message of hate in the future"….

Hmmmm, now I’m no Fleet Street hot shot Ann, but I reckon they just might turn to the Union flag……. Or maybe they already have? Maybe the hint is in the name of a typically far right organisation. For instance, I wonder what the ‘B’ in BNP actually stands for?

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