Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A.B.A. (Anyone but Andy)

Got my Strawberries - check
Got my Cream - check
Got my Chile Flag to wave - check
Got my Chile shirt to wear - check
Got my Spanish/English phrasebook - check
Got my translation of 'Andy, I hate your miserable Anglophobic guts - I hope you lose 6:0, 6:0, 6:0 - and that the oooohhh, aahhhh brigade in the posh seats slow handclap you right out of Wimbledon"". - check......

Come on Nicolas Massu, from Chile - blast the miserable sod off the court!


nothingtoblogabout said...

Got your ingrained xenophobia? Check.

Andy murray plays tennis for GB, not Scotland. You'll find that most Scots support the GB teams, but not the English teams. It's called rivalry. Kind of like Man Cty fans never supporting Man Utd. Gettit?

alfie said...

I think Andy Murray has made it clear what he perceives himself to be. From the anyone but England comment to the saltire inspired blue and white track suit, tennis garb and the sweat band with the Saltire stitched neatly within......

Tell me, if Andy is playing tennis for G.B. then why no red white and blue colour scheme? (And while we're at it - that goes for David Coulthard as well).

I'll just leave you with a true story of the last time Scotland were in th World Cup. I was in a packed pub in Lancashire and we were all watching Scotland playing Morocco (I think... but it was a long time ago). TO A MAN AND WOMAN, the whole pub were willing Scotland to win. They shouted, oohed and ahhed, cheered when Scotland did well, and shared their sorrow when they eventually lost 3 - 1.

It had NOTHING to do with rivalry, we wanted a HOME NATION to do well and beat a foreign country.

I very much doubt if they would receive the same level of support if that game was played today. Unfortunately, the bitterness and small mindedness from the north has changed our view of you. I don't think we are prepared to smile, and excuse being slagged off by the Scots any more.

Andy Murray's declaration of A.B.E. just one week before Wimbledon says a few things. 1)he had no idea of the backlash he would receive - as did McConnel. 2)he showed an amazing level of stupidity and arrogance in feeling the need to tell the world and his dog that he would support anyone but England just prior to stay in London for 2 weeks. 3)he obviously thought insulting a nation was fair game, because as he said, he's a 'typical Scot'

After his PR written apology, looks like he's 'goddit'... And the people of England? Sooner rather than later, they'll 'geddit' as well.

(Interesting to note that I am accused of 'ingrained xenophobia' for adopting an 'Anyone but Murray' support strategy...... lucky there's no 7 year old kids around here wearing Andy Murray tennis shirts... or houses with a picture of Andy Murray in the windows...... or disabled men wearing an Andy Murray sweatband..... Ingrained xenophobia? pot. kettle. black.