Thursday, June 29, 2006

Preserved for the Nation …

I had a strange letter through the post the other day – from no less an organisation than The British Library in London. It was a bit of a surprise to say the least – did they want that ‘Famous Five do crack cocaine’ book I borrowed in 1964? No they did not. Phew, relief all round, it’s doing a great job stopping our table from wobbling. No, they were more interested in a web site that me, my wife and our good friends Ed and Pete had recently put together and uploaded. It’s an English Nationalist site and has been up for little more than a couple of months.

They’ve sent an invitation for the site to participate in their ‘web preservation programme’

The letter states –

‘The British Library is a founding member of the UK Web Archiving Consortium consisting of The British Library, JISC, The National Archives, The National Library of Scotland, The National Library of Wales and The Wellcome Library.

The British Library would like to invite you to participate in this pilot project by archiving your web site under the terms of the appended licence. We select sites to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage, and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future. If the pilot is successful the archived copy of your web site will subsequently form part of our permanent collections……….."

Wow, our little English Nationalist site 'representing aspects of UK documentary heritage' ...... abso bloody lutely!!!

I’ve had a look at the archive of sites already collected – and it looks like a pretty exclusive club. I think I feel quite chuffed. Only question is, which section will our site be put in? 'Sad', 'Mad', 'Bad', 'Dangerous to Know' or 'New Labour Bogeymen'....... Who cares, we're in!

Well blimey Moses, who’d have thought it then? Our site preserved for the Nation…. (But not necessarily safe from being sold to a rich Yank).

I expect a Knighthood to be on the way shortly.


Tommy said...

Well if my link is on your site, then I will be preserved too! Can I be your serf ... Sir? :o)

Toque said...

I wouldn't feel too chuffed about it, even I got that email ;-)

alfie said...

But I got a letter, through the post - typed on Conquerer laid paper stock - real quality.....

Honest :-)