Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The West Glamorgan question.

Someone who knows what he is talking about sent me this - it seems like good advice.

Subj: Government of Wales Bill - The West Glamorgan Question 

Dear All
I have been studying the Government of Wales Bill currently before Parliament. Explanatory notes can be found here

The Bill will make a number of changes to the Welsh Assembly so as to increase its powers. Amongst the proposals will be a Referendum (in Wales only) to give the Assembly full law making powers almost equal to those of the Scottish Parliament. We are all familiar with "the West Lothian question" but the governments proposals for Wales are going to create yet another unfairness which I have called the "West Glamorgan question"

Rather that merely complaining about this I believe that the Bill provides us, and sympathetic MP's with an opportunity to get the entire issue of England and its disadvantaged status discussed not on a mere theoretical basis but in connection with a real legal change namely giving law making powers to the Welsh Assembly. This Bill provides the first opportunity since 1998 (when Devolution happened) for English MP's to have a real debate in Parliament on the "English Question". Both the media and Politicians do need a "peg" to hang a the debate and a vote on and the Government of Wales Bill provides us with that peg.

I would suggest that we encourage as many people as possible to write to their local papers and local MP's raising this issue and asking why Wales needs its own Assembly with law making powers, a First Minister etc. I suggest that in letters to MP's the point should be made that English MP's are being paid the same as Scottish and Welsh MP's to do twice as much work. Point out that in Scotland and Wales much of an MP's "local" constituency work now has to be dealt with by MSP's or AM's whilst English MP's still have to deal with local constituency matters as well as being expected to deal with UK matters, Foreign affairs etc. Suggest that the present situation re Devolution is not merely unfair on England but also unfair on the MP himself/herself. That should make them think a bit.
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