Sunday, January 08, 2006

21st Century thinking from Disco Dave Cameron......

(that'll be the same as 20th, and 19th Century thinking then)....

The new, improved, greener than Robin Hood with rampaging gangrene Tory Party has launched a bit of a new initiative. 'Clear blue sky thinking' has gone the way of 'Thatcherism' and 'Back to Basicsism'.... 'Thinking' at all is generally frowned upon, unless that is of course it is withn the approved guidelines of the new 21st Century venacular.

The first law of Cameronism says we must think in the 21st Century, preferably with the hip-hop sound of gangstar rapper, 50 cent pulsating in the background......

With the 20th Century blinkers cast from my eyes, I perused the new improved sexy, carbon-neutral website from Tory HQ.... The drop down menu reads like this.... Eh up, I thought, must be a bit of 20th Century detritus left, 'England' appears to be left out of the 21st Century process....

I banged off an email.....
Hello, I wanted to find out about my country in your 'NEWS BY YOUR INTEREST' section.

Hey, guess what, Scotland, Wales and even Europe are all there - but absolutely no ENGLAND. (And don't forget, the Tories got the biggest share of the vote in my country in the May election). Now this must mean that a) there is no interesting news in England - or b) you are following a bit of an anti English agenda - just like Labour and the Lib Dems. For your information, England IS NOT a collection of regions - it is a country....... and believe me it's getting fairly fed up.

In this age of 21st century consultation, don't you think it might be just 'nice and respectful' to be consulting with the biggest country in the union? How arrogant that you don't - but hey, that's politics for you, we mustn't upset the Scots and Welsh must we?

And while we are on the subject, when can we expect a commitment for an English Parliament from your party. EVoEM is simply not the answer. 80% of Westminster parliamentary time is taken up with English only
legislation - so while all this stuff is being debated, what are all those barely working celtic MPs going to do?

AND FINALLY - why is having an Assembly in Wales and a Parliament in Scotland a good thing - but an English Parliament is apparently such a bad idea.

If you think this issue is going to go away - you are living in cloud cuckoo land. More health and education spending on Scots and the Welsh will only make the English population's clamour for change more impatient - and guess what, it's ALWAYS the people in their Westminster ivory towers who are the last to know.

21st Century thinking? If only.

Some 21st Century bird called 'Kate' eeee'd me back.

Dear Steve,

Many thanks for your email to David Cameron - I'm replying on his behalf.

I must apologise for the delay in replying to your email - I'm sure you can understand that we've been completely inundated with correspondence since David took over.

I take on board the points you raised regarding the 'grouping' of news article on our website. However, all of the news articles and press releases do relate to England, and Scotland/Wales/Europe are only identified separately so the news can be distinguished for each area - this does not mean they are any more, or less, important.

For more information on David's views on an English Parliament, please see the FAQs section of his campaign website - here

Many thanks again for writing.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Marley
Correspondence Secretary
David Cameron's Office
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Aside from failing to answer any of my questions, even in a dark age ninth century way, guess what, 21st-Cee Dave has gone for an EVonEM option......

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