Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wanted, the cable guy.

Have you seen this man?
Aliases include 'Vince Bigot, Vince Vance and Vince Mince

Talking to a mate of mine last night, he told me how he had just got back from his local plod shop. The reason? To report Vince Cable, LibDem Treasury spokesman and baldy bigot for his derogatory and inflammatory remarks about English nationalism.

My mate had apparently complained about Mr Cable on an 'incitement to provoke racial hatred' ticket. He produced the original text from Cable's article on the Demos website as Exhibit A. He also had Cable’s stock, sod off written reply to my mate’s complaint - and his final, final ‘bugger off you sad little Englander’ email.

The fuzz have taken down all the particulars – and are probably, even now putting out an A.P.B. on the slap-headed desperado…..

Errr, probably not, but they really should investigate the complaint shouldn’t they? I would have thought it was the very least they could do.

But let’s be honest, they’re probably more likely to investigate my mate for being a dangerous agitator, agent provocateur and all round trouble-maker instead.

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Snafu said...

Last thing I heard, Vince was an imposter pretending to know something about economics.

What's more worrrying is that he is described as a Liberal Democrat "Big hitter"!