Sunday, October 30, 2005

This man hates England - shock.

Posh Scottish columnist with an English accent, A.A. Gill has declared that he hates England and the English. This arrogant man - a man who has lived in this country for all but 1 of his 50 odd years - and has made a fortune out of his serial dismissals of various 'sad cases' apparently hates us for queuing, hates for the way we laugh, hates us for the way we are all so angry!!!

If you want to read this drivel in today's Sunday Times - be my guest

I can barely hide my contempt for this idiot. The keys are tapping away - and I'll expand more in tomorrow's post...

Wonko - for God's sake, make this tosser, 'twat of the week'.......

1 comment:

wonkotsane said...

What a wanker!

Your wish is granted Alfie.

I feel a complaint coming on.