Wednesday, October 26, 2005

STOP PRESS 2........

Scottish Minister shoves nose into ‘Ban on Smoking in Public Places - in England, Bill’ – SHOCK

The Cabinet are hastily rearranging the wording – in order to make the Bill a bit more palatable to a couple of affronted Government Ministers. Not a total ban any more, ‘loosely defined designated areas’ for smokers are favoured by the rebels. The ‘Sealed rooms for smokers’ option is to be stubbed out in the ash tray.

One of the most vociferous protesters is non other than our old Glaswegian McBovver Boy and reformed raiser of hell, ‘Doctor’ John Reid.

Rabid Doctor John, baldy git and pointy fingered nosey bastard.

Yes, Doctor John reckons that a total ban on smoking in public places (in England) outright is to infringe the rights of decent, working class people – and deprive them of one of their few pleasures in life.

Just a couple of points here John –
1) You’re Scottish, representing a Scottish Constituency – so mind your own damn business. If you want to mouth off, then do it in the Scottish Parliament. They’ve obviously already debated this and decided on a total ban in Scotland – to be enforced in the next few years.
2) I watched my Dad drowning to death in a sea of phlegm and bloody yellow bile, courtesy of lung cancer, courtesy of Old Holborn – so shove your civil liberties up your sanctimonious arse.
3) This issue – and whether THIS COUNTRY bans smoking or not, is a matter for people of England and no one else. Got it?


wonkotsane said...

Nice one Alfie. I watched my grandad waste away to nothing as a result of cancer. It started as prostrate cancer and then spread to his smoking disease-ridden lungs and finished him off. I don't want to go the same way thanks to someone elses smoke.

maria said...

Speaking as an ex-smoker, who has worked in a cancer hospice, I still think there should be separate smoking and non-smoking establishments. But right on, whatever is decided should be decided by English MPs, acting for the people of England.

Keep your snout out, Mr Reed! You have no DEMOCRATIC right to interfere.

Mind you, Blair's government has no MANDATE to govern England and that doesn't stop it!

Perhaps these "proud, historic" Scottish MPs need a few lessons in basic English - both language and standards of common decency?