Wednesday, October 19, 2005

LibDemons. The spawn of the Devil

Further to the pathetic reply from Vince Cable, I resolved to ring his boss, the whisky-soaked ginger muffin, to demand an explanation and abject apology for Cable’s outrageous ‘English Nationalist’ smear.

I rang the Westminster home for Scottish Rajanistas....

Unfortunately, Chaz was ‘unavailable’ (pissed / hungover / selling soul to P.R devil / sucking up to Prescott / at offy getting a take away). So I asked for Gurpreet Dosanjh, Kennedy’s senior correspondence go-fer, P.A. man and the guy who knows where all the local Thresher offies are situated around the Commons. He’s sounds like a nice man – almost reasonable, for a toady. He agreed that Cable’s reply was far from comprehensive. He said he’d get another reply to me – maybe even from Chaz, himself. I feel blessed, indeed!

We were getting on OK-ish….. OK that is, until we trod on the testy subject of the LibDem view on ‘Nations and Regions’ of the UK.

To be honest, Gurpreet didn’t seem to know his countries from his arse. Geoggers wasn’t his strong point, he just couldn’t bring himself to agree that England was a country in it’s own right – just like Scotland.

No, Gurpreet reckoned Scotland was a country and so was Wales, obviously. – And England? All regions apparently. Gurpreet wasn’t at home to any subversive chat like a national government for England – or self-determination for the English. Every time I raised it, he told me "The LibDems were committed to local government, like the Scottish Parliament for instance – and Regional assemblies for England"….

And anyway, he continued, "Scotland was culturally different from England". He body swerved the question about an English culture, preferring instead to proclaim the success of the Scottish Parliament as a victory for Proportional Representation. When asked why not an English Parliament voted in by that same P.R. system, Kennedy’s yes man stated that "P.R. in England would upset the current political status quo within this collection of regions"…

I didn’t say anything else – I couldn’t be bothered. What’s the point?

Sometimes, sometimes, I really do feel I live in a madhouse, full to the brim of ignorant, thick, bootlicking arses who add 2 + 2 together and after carefully considering all options, propose a 3 nations + 9 regions answer.

It really is going to be a long, hard road to national recognition.


Admin said...

The LibDems have never embraced logic or, God forbid, 'fairness' in their policies. "Let paedophiles vote", they cry.

Map-poster said...

Slag off Gurpers again butmunch and I'll hurt you

alfie said...

Sorry Map-poster - presumably you mean 'Gurpreet'? and if so - read the post properly. Maybe you'll learn how to spell his name also?

You'll 'hurt me'?
Hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting concept. I tried to find you, but hey, you're anonymous.How brave. What a 'big man' you are.

Map-poster - a word of advice. Don't make threats of violence sonny, it will come back and bite you.

Map-poster said...

"Don't make threats of violence" ??

You're making assumptions there Alf...

(or should I say 'Alfie', sorry.)

Also, leave my size out of this Alfred.

alfie said...

I was referring to the 'and I'll hurt you' threat you made.

I view such threats as serious and personal.

Map-poster said...

No violence Alfredo...

I was simply thinking of hurting you emotionally like you have so cruelly done to my friend GurpREET.

He's a sensitive man.

Think of people's feelings, buttwipe.