Monday, October 03, 2005

Institutional racism rears it’s tartan head…….

Over the weekend, Aitch, via his mouse and hard drive has had a bit of a clear out. After a bit of digital delving he found a few letters of righteous indignation to the Scottish Raj, and a few, very simple easy to understand, Janet and John type pictograms sent to John Prescott. (mostly suggesting where Prezza should shove his agenda).

Anyway, in the dark recesses of one of my soon-to-be-deleted files, I found this little ‘anyone but the English, Welsh or Northern Irish’, gem. It’s part of a student fee guidance document from the University of Edinburgh. "Full-time students domiciled, as defined by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), in Scotland or in other European Union countries outside the United Kingdom, will not be required to make a personal contribution towards the costs of their annual tuition if they are studying at publicly funded institutions in Scotland for the first time. The Scottish Executive will pay all such tuition fees through SAAS".

Well that’s OK then. Apparently, the good old SAAS will pick up the tab for everyone except students from Wales, Northern Ireland and England……

But wait! Assemblies to the rescue! Look, it’s OK, don’t worry about those Uni’ bods from Wales and Northern Ireland – those guys will get financial support from their own Governmental organisations, won’t they?

So that just leaves plucky, unlucky, skint English students to stump up the cash….

Is it coz we is English?

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