Friday, January 25, 2008

Welsh full-time, Scottish part-time, English no-time...

Now that Peter Hain has belatedly fallen on his sword, we can be sure of two things. One, the future is no longer orange - and two, Gordon Brown's consequential Cabinet reshuffle has upset some Scots.

The chatter from some folk north of the border today is all about how Scotland has been slighted by their Kirkcaldy boy. His hasty reshuffle has given the Welsh portfolio to Paul Murphy - but Hain used to do two jobs, Secretary of State for Work & Pensions and Welsh Secretary. In effect, secretarying for Wales was a bit of a part-time activity for Hain - but now Murphy will be doing the job, full time.

Unfortunately, the job of Secretary of State for Scotland is still being done by a part timer, in the rotund form of Dour Des Browne. He splits the Scottish portfolio with his busy role of Secretary of State for Defence - so you can understand why some Scots are feeling just a tad ignored.... I mean, population wise, they're over twice as big as Wales, so you would think they should be worth a full 40 hours a week's attention from someone in the Cabinet?....

But if the Scots feel insulted because they only have a part timer as a Minister - how do you think the English feel having a 'no timer' in Cabinet? No 'Secretary of State for England' for us! Mind you, if Gordon were ever to chance upon the road to Damascus, discover some fairness and actually give us some national recognition, I'm sort of betting that the new and sexy post of English Secretary would be filled by Duggie Alexander, Alistair Darling or even Dessie Browne....... (Well, you wouldn't expect the post of English Secretary to be trusted to an English person, would you?)

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