Thursday, January 10, 2008

Durrrrrrrr, English MPs suddenly find out, 'NICE'... aren't.

The great pig-troughing, self-congratulatory, waistline-busting blob of supine-excess that is the membership of 'Club-Crap 500' (English MPs at Westminster) have sort of suddenly realised that English people are getting a bit of a shabby deal on the drugs front...

A super-duper special Select Committee has worked out that 'NICE' are actually not nice at all. In fact they've been found bang to rights as being penny-pinching and vindictive to English people....

"The select committee found the rationing body was denying potentially life-saving drugs to hundreds of English people by taking much longer to approve them than its Scottish equivalent.

NICE was also criticised for actually turning down life-saving drugs that are available in Scotland".

So why has it taken so long for that shower to 'fess up and admit that 50 million people have been shafted? Maybe they were fooled by the 'NICE' bit? If so, maybe they should take a closer look at 'SAFE AS HOUSES' - the independent watchdog for the nuclear industry and 'CUDDLY' - the people who look after freed sex offenders?..

And I'm not too sure about Gordon Brown's little baby - The Campaign to Unify the Nation, Today.

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