Friday, January 11, 2008

GMTV - shamefully manipulating history.....

GMTV have duff information. They must have, why else would they get the date of Shakespeare's birthday so wrong? As first reported here, GMTV are conducting a bit of a campaign about another Bank holiday for Britain.

They have suggested 'Beatles Day', 'Diana Day', 'British Forces Day', or 'Shakespeare Day'...... Along with their suggestions they have thoughtfully put forward a suitable date for the celebration.

According to GMTV, Shakespeare Day should be celebrated on the 21st April... which is a bit weird don't you think? Especially as his birthday and the day of his death is the 23rd April.

So why would GMTV do that? Why would they suggest a date just 2 days away from the Bard's ultimate day...... If you want to celebrate Shakespeare then the day to celebrate him is the 23rd, isn't it?

"Hmmm, forsooth, Horatio, methinks something is afoot. Could there be yet another dastardly government plot to rewrite history?". Do you think that it just could be that if GMTV suggested the 23rd April it might, just might, then be conflated into a Shakespeare, St George's, English Day? Do you reckon they've had someone whispering in their ear?

Ooooh, 'eck. The English supporting English culture eh? The very idea, that would never do, would it?

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