Thursday, August 16, 2007

Skara Brae vandalised... thickest brick in the world sought.

Skara Brae in Orkney - the world famous neolithic village has had graffiti scribbled all over its ancient walls. By a feat of brilliant deduction, the Orkney Plod are looking for a holidaymaker from Liverpool who may have Irish or Scottish origins. They are also believed to have the perpetrator's name - and when this guy is due to finish his holiday, so an arrest seems imminent.....

Pretty clever stuff, in a Sherlock Holmesian way, eh? Maybe, down here in PC blighted Blighty we could do with such thorough, no-nonsense proper policing as practised ooop north to clean up our streets?....

That is until you consider exactly what the graffiti artist actually wrote.... Using a big thick indellible pen and in great big letters he scrawled , 'SCOUSE CELTS'... nearby, he drew a nice smiley face and dated it. Underneath everything, he signed it... with his very own name.

Sergeant Gregor Hay, who is leading the investigation, said that they had identified the suspect as a tourist due to travel back to the mainland by ferry on Friday.
"We believe the suspect has been stupid enough to use his own name," he added. "We are keen to speak to a family who are still on the island."

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