Friday, August 10, 2007

18 Doughty Street gains an extra viewer…

I bought my first ever pc last week and the world is now my dual-processing lobster. I’ve been tapping away for years on AppleMacs – which have been brilliant for my work activity (Designer), but rubbish for other stuff, which included viewing podcasts and listening to online radio…

I used to be able to get that kind of stuff on my Macs, but one day, just before 18 Doughty Street went live, ‘they’ withdrew support. Overnight, I, and millions of other middle-aged Mac users with middle-aged Mac machines, were suddenly cut out of experiencing the multimedia multistuff.

I couldn’t even access flash sites any more - and every month that went by, my web experience became more and more diminished.

Something simply had to be done – so I did it.

Last night, I experienced my very first session of pod casting from 18 Doughty Street. It was mightily impressive – and at last, I have seen the programme which had Christine Constable and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown guesting….. riveting stuff.

And tonight? Well tonight I’m going to create my very own Avatar and get stuck into the phenomenon that is Second Life. Tell me, does anyone know if virtual England has her own Parliament in that virtual world – or has Citizen Brown got there before me?

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