Monday, August 06, 2007

Is it cos I is white and English then?

Yes it is.

After reading about Abigail Howarth and her failure to get an interview for a job with the Environmental Agency because she was white and English, I was really seething. The double standards, the racist agenda, the exclusionist bullshit – all apparently A-OK because it is aimed at the white English population – and as everyone knows, we white English people have the hatred of the entire world on our backs because of past misdemeanours… ….. For instance, Pontius Pilot was an Englishman wasn’t he? And that Adolf Hitler bloke – born in Birmingham I think – right next door to Mr and Mrs Mussolini and their young ‘un… Then there was 'Geordie Ghengis Khan' and that Scouser, Joey Stalin - the bloke doing unspeakable things to anyone who gobbed off to him and nicking their wheels off their cars…. And worst of all, didn’t some bloke stand up in a Bolton cinema during a showing of ‘Braveheart’ and shout out that Mel Gibson was the worst, most bigoted actor of all time?

The bloke from Bolton is a disillusioned madman who knows bugger all about acting, obviously….

Yup, we white English are the scum of the Earth all right – how else do you explain the institutionalised racism displayed by the CRE when the ‘white English’ question gets an airing? How else do you explain the complacent, oh–so-matter-of-fact comment of one of the head honchos from the recruitment agency who advertised the job on behalf of the Environment Agency - with added ‘ABAWEP’ (Anyone But A White English person) qualifier?….

PATH National's organisational development manager, Mary McDowell, said: "The "White Welsh", "White Irish" and "White Scottish" is a technicality in law - if they are a minority, they are entitled to places on these schemes - they are not part of the majority group, which is "White English". "The "White English" in this area are the majority group and hence could not apply.

Nice one Mary. But what if a job comes up in Brixton and your company is asked to select the applicants. Black people are obviously in the majority in Brixton so by your logic will the advert come with an ‘Afro-Caribbeans need not apply’ notice? Will you be quoted saying that the Black Afro-Caribbeans are in the majority so they cannot apply?

Will you Mary?

And if that is not correct because you are looking at the entire country as a whole, does that mean that your very own organisation, PATH National has a workforce that accurately reflects the ethnic ratio within England? Is your workforce over 90% white English, Mary. For that matter, is the CRE employing over 90% white English people?

What do you think, Mary?

Better take a butchers at your very own web site with your very own rules and regs regarding your very own employment terms…..

PATH National is an equal opportunities employer and aims to reflect the diversity of British society. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified individuals irrespective of race, gender or disability for permanent or fixed-term posts with the organisations.

PATH National also practices equality of opportunity for the traineeship and management development programmes, under the positive action remit of sections 37 & 38 of the Race Relations Act (1976).

Measures include training for particular work to meet the specific needs of people from particular minority ethnic groups.

Positive action does not allow racial discrimination in recruitment, selection or promotion; it promotes fair competition.

No it doesn’t Mary. You and your organisation are racists. There is nothing ‘positive’ in your agenda, merely appalling practises of political racial manipulation that any fascist government would be proud of.

And as for the Commission for Racial Equality – well on their web site is the following concerning ‘Positive Action’ in employment….

The Race Relations Act does not allow positive discrimination or affirmative action – in other words, an employer cannot try to change the balance of the workforce by selecting someone mainly because she or he is from a particular racial group. This would be discrimination on racial grounds, and is unlawful*

*Unless you are a white English person, obviously……


JohnJo said...

No question about it Alfi. It doesn't matter how they wrap it up, it's racism. Basically, colour and ethnicity matters to them when they are selecting for employment. You'd be hard pushed to think of a clearer instance of institutional racism.

To highlight this I have today banned white English people from commenting on The England Project. I think all Witan blogs should do the same to be honest.

Andy said...

The thing is, "English", white or otherwise, is never a tickbox option on official forms. It only exists when it suits "positive" bigots, etc.

Anonymous said...


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