Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shock, horror, Scots MPs found twiddling thumbs!

According to this report from The Scotsman, Scottish MPs are a bit short of work nowadays. Well, it’s hardly a surprise, no one in Scotland bothers to ask them about education, health, transport and planning issues anymore… And you can only rearrange your files, straighten your pencil case and fill in your bloated travel expense forms so many times can’t you?

All the work they used to do for their constituents is now gate-keepered by the MSPs and the Scottish Executive. Their only function at Westminster seems to be shoving their nosey boats into English education, health, transport and planning business…..

It is clear that Scottish MPs don’t have enough to do. Maybe they should do a bit of moonlighting, some mini-cabbing maybe….. or selling the odd insurance policy….. or double glazing…… or, I don't know, maybe, possibly, they could stand for election as an MSP at Holyrood in their own country?

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Kevin Wells said...

We should reduce there wages as they are doing less work.

It is onlu fair