Friday, February 09, 2007

Anglo Saxon King Albert found in Geordieland….

Today, English Heritage are unveiling some newly found claimants to the Anglo Saxon throne of England. One is 70 year old Albert Turnbull from Gateshead – and who knows, if Harold Godwinson had won the Battle of Hastings, we might now be bending our knees to King Albert and family – rather than a Hanovarian…

It’s a great ‘what if’ isn’t it? Who knows, there could be Anglo Saxon blue bloods all over the place working in B&Q, Tesco and the bloke who works down the chip shop might not be just Elvis, he could be Prince Elvis of Wessex and all England…I asked Alfreda if she thought I had any royal Anglo Saxon blood coursing through my veins….

She didn’t think so, although she reckoned I looked a bit like Henry VIII in his really fat-arsed arsey period…

She’d better be careful, if I ever do get to become King, she’ll be the first into the Tower….

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