Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pope Tony Blair the Innocent meets a babe…..

(or Cowboy meets Indian)....
Yesterday, after Prime Minister’s Question Time, the immaculate omnipotence that is Tony Blair had a one-to-one with Indian cultural attaché, celeb big brother winner and Bollywood superstar, Shilpa Shetty at the mother of parliaments.

Shilpa approached on bended knee, kissed the Papal ring and was granted a 15-minute slot of awesomeness with the great one……

And when you think about it, how amazing is it that she got to see him at all? Tony’s so damn busy isn’t he? Tony just doesn’t have any time to see anyone at any time – ever. He’s too busy saving the world, saving the country, saving his miserable party, saving his miserable skin….

After all, Reg Keys and the rest of the relatives of the British Service dead in Iraq have, for the past 3 years been vainly trying to meet up with him without any success whatsoever. They’d like to talk to him about how their loved ones had paid the ultimate price for Tony’s brave words by donating their lives to a flawed cause.

Also, the relatives of wounded British Service personnel have been vainly trying to get him to visit a service hospital to talk to soldiers wounded in Iraq - without any success whatsoever. They have paid for Tony’s brave words with the donation of the odd limb, brain injury or half gallon of blood for a flawed cause.

Tony’s just too busy to see you guys – OK!

Reg Keys, if I were you, I’d apply to go on the next edition of celeb big brother (Oh, and be sure to mention that Jade Goody doesn’t like you)….

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saxonboy said...

Haelsa brother,
Totally agree with your comment. All the luvvies falling over themselves to show how right on politically correct they are. Don't worry about our chaps in iraq,mustn't upset the ethnics or the morons who watch big brother.
Load of arse.
Bring on the revolution
Waes Hael