Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gordon Brown wants to share out the values but not the cash or the power….

Amazing isn’t it. Brown unleashes pro British volto-glottal in a pathetic effort to keep him on course to be Prime Minister of something rather than nothing. Was he talking to me? Was he telling me to ‘hug a Scotsman’, eat more haggis and salute the Union flag?

Not exactly.

But ‘Great Brit’ Gordon wants us all to pull together – as he put it, he wants us to "share in the values of being British".

Hmmm, "share in the values"…..

I know politicians do ineptitude, arrogance and the occassional rent boy, but ‘irony’? Who’d have thought it.

Gordon, mate, it’s a pity your 'values' don't appear to include an equal share of the Union cash from your Exchequer – or the devolved power As per usual, it's the English who are left with the least in health, education and transport spending. As per usual, it's English elderly who are forced to sell their homes to finance their residential care. As per usual, it's English students who pay the top up fees. As per usual, train loads of Barnett formula cash heads north to Scotland to finance a lavish public sector, fantastic residential care and lots of expensive cancer drugs, the like of which English patients can only dream about. Even Scottish schoolkids get almost twice as much spent on their school meals than their English counterparts. As per usual,England is left democratically emasculated while everyone else plays at being proud and noble nations.

The fissuring of the UK is entirely a New Labour project. The great uneven devolution experiment with added 'England not included' clause was always bound to fail. The irony is, the push for real constitutional change is now coming from a disgruntled and disenfranchised English population rather than those from north of the border. The call in England is not for English votes on English matters – we’ve gone way beyond that. Now the call is for an English Parliament - and if this shower at Westminster really believed in democracy we'd have had one at the outset - in 1998 when Scotland got theirs.

If Gordon Brown really believed in 'shared values' he'd stop sending obscene amounts of Celtgeld to Edinburgh as some sort of election bribe. If he really believed in Britain he'd make sure we were all treated with the same respect. We are not. It is New Labour who have sown the seeds of discourse, it is New Labour who will reap the crop of British disintegration. And as for Tony Blair and his great legacy?.......

How about destroyer of the Union?


Northwing said...

Couldn't agree more. Whatever the arguments for spending more cash per head, the Barnett formula, the Scots parliament and all the pandering to Scottish separatism have backfired and fuelled the fires for 'secession' both sides of the border. Gordo's also a duplicitous scumbag for failing to own up to his own hand in the ongoing multiple pile-up that is 'devolution' and his letter to the Telegraph should have been printed on absorbent paper . . .

Zachary said...

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