Thursday, January 11, 2007

And now you’re famous, Lorna McAllister from Glasgow….

In this story on the BBC Website about the chronic lack of care currently given to the elderly in England, the BBC asked punters - why many elderly and disabled people who need help to remain in their own homes are no longer qualifying for help from their councils.
Increasing demands on social services and less money to go round have led councils in England to restrict access to services such as home care, day services and respite care.
The Commission for Social Care Inspection today warned this was happening by default, and without debate.
Have you or a relative been told by your council you don't qualify for support to live at home? Do you have to rely on family or friends to help you? Are you are carer filling in the gaps?

Well people did write in, mostly from hard-done-by England….. But, the next to last entry came from Lorna McAllister, Glasgow…. Enlightened Lorna says it’s all our fault. Apparently, us English people waste our money on trivialities – rather than spending it on our elderly and vunerable.

Without a hint of irony, Lorna from Glasgow says –
How English! Look to your neighbours. We use our taxes more wisely. Scotland provides free personal care for its elderly. England simply has to do the same…….

I think she’s left the ‘y’ off the beginning of ‘our’, don’t you?

Lorna’s was the next to last entry – I was going to broadside her, but guess what, the BBC has closed the discussion forum…. Well there’s a surprise.


Tom Cochrane said...

The opinion that English taxpayers "pay" for Scotland was discounted YEARS ago. Quite frankly you should be ashamed that you peddle this vile rubbish.

Is it just the fact that you will not let reality impinge on your stilted attitude. Perhaps you should read this fully costed (and short) outline of what revenue Scotland actually generates. This sort of information has been in the public domain for a very long time.

Tom Cochrane said...

More info on how English taxpeyers "Pay" for Scotland here - so true that Governments have lied through their teeth about it for 30 years.

No pithy little putdown?