Friday, August 05, 2005

Someone’s having a laugh….

The Hereward family has just received a letter plus a brand spanking new Direct Debit form through the post from the World Wide Fund for Nature. It’s from a Mr Steve Andrews, Head of WWF Supporter Relations….. Basically, his job is to stop cash from haemorrhaging out of WWF coffers because of their pathetic anti English stance…

Mr Andrews grovels -
"I am writing to you today to offer my help in continuing your regular support of WWF. You may not realise it but your bank has just notified us that your direct debit gift to WWF has stopped, and I am worried that something has gone wrong" ……. Bla, bla, grovel, grovel, sure there has been a misunderstanding, please don’t go, please give us your cash back, etc, etc.

Mr Andrews concludes –
"If you have stopped giving because you think that we don’t value your support, or you’re unhappy with our work, please give us a chance to put that right"…

Yeah right.

I don’t know where to begin. We are getting back to them with a few home (regional) truths. Therefore, the rotweiller, Mrs ‘H’ is going to pen the reply and she’s not too happy. I can promise the said reply will be vitriolic, will be telling Mr Andrews exactly where to shove his Direct Debit form and will be copied on to WWF Chief Executive Robert Napier…

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen the brand spanking new ‘improvements’ to the WWF site, you can have a butchers
  • here.
  • I personally wouldn’t bother. ‘England’ still isn’t there…. But some alien amorphous blob called ‘WWF English Regions’ is, thoughtfully positioned underneath the alphabetically listed other UK WWFs of Cymru (Wales), Northern Ireland and Scotland. We know our place all right…..

    As for the 'Contact Us page' - total amnesia there I'm afraid – Under the heading of
    'WWF-UK also encompasses:', WWFs Cymru, Northern Ireland and Scotland are listed, (but not apparently the WWF English Regions)....

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