Friday, August 19, 2005

Channon of the Rovers…..

Hats off to ‘70’s footy star, successful horse trainer and passionate Englishman Mike Channon for calling for Sven’s bald, shiny head to be placed on a smorgasbord after the 4 -1 loss to Denmark.

Channon, the wizard of the after goal windmill celebration was interviewed on BBC FiveLive radio. He launched into a plethora of patriotic righteous indignation, banging in a hat trick of sequential invective - without much prompting from Reg Footy, the interviewing radio anchor….

"The FA should sack that England Manager and send him back to Sweden. He’s a right pain in the arse….. I feel so angry at the way the team played. Sir Alf Ramsey must be spinning in his grave…. All that money wasted by the fans in getting there, the players should feel ashamed and give the fans their money back".

Channon was really not happy. The way he said ‘arrrrrrrrsssssssse’ was something wonderful to hear, in full, surround-sound West Country burr.

There’s no doubt about it, England do have the players and the skill to win next year’s World Cup in Germany. But if they continue to be led by Sven then they will fail because they lack passion and belief.

It seems that after the turnip tenure of Graham Taylor, the Swede Eriksson is in danger of continuing the veggie vagaries of the England managership.

Talking about vegetables in power, I wonder whether Channon thinks John Prescott’s an arrrrrssssssssse as well. (More probably two arrrrrrrrrssssssssses actually)

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