Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Miliband - This simply will not do. 1 out of 10. See me for double detention.

Dave Miliband, the Davie-no-mates creepy kid in the posh blazer, has been opening his mouth again. Not this time to suck up to Sir, or to report Balls E again for smoking behind the Speaker's Chair.... No, this time, Dave has got a bigger picture to occupy his brain cell - he's discovered 'a cause'

Dave has binned his 'I-Spy book of Interesting Tree Shapes', the 'Train-Spotters Gazette' and the 'How to Speak Klingon in 12 Easy Lessons' correspondence course in favour of a new and far more all-consuming passion....

Yes, the Rev' Dave has committed to bringing Nu Labour branded democracy to the world's huddled unfortunates. Democracy is going to be rolled out across the globe - with force if nessecary, whether they want it or not. All very laudable Dave, but shouldn't this religious zeal for goody-two-shoededness be thought through a bit more before you go shooting your gob off?

Before you go yomping around the world shoving your nose into other people's politics - how about giving the people of England a bit of democracy, first?

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