Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Jeremy Purvis MSP....

I read about your desire to annexe up to 20 miles of northern England and deliver it free, gratis and for nothing, to Scotland in the Sunday Post yesterday. Don't you need tanks on the lawn, jackboots, a very large peaked cap, half a ton of nice medals and 50 yards of gold braid to do that?

Or is this yet another case of a Scots political representative shoving his nose into English affairs?.... Gordon Brown, Wee Duggie Alexander, Gorbals Mick - and now Jeremy Purvis, MSP.

Instead of making cheap headlines, maybe you could mind your own damn business - and do the job that I, as an English taxpayer are paying you for! Better still, maybe you could ask your uber boss, Nick Clegg why he doesn't support an English Parliament. You know, 'England' - that place with 50 million souls that is the only nation in Europe without any national representation....

And if we are talking about restoring 'historical boundaries' then I suggest the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Northumbria be given back all the land up to Edinburgh forthwith. What do you think, Mr Purvis - maybe you could start campaigning for that as your next pet project?

Alfred the OK.
The nation of England

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