Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Contaminating young minds....

This morning, a good friend of mine attended her child's primary school assembly in Scotland. The special parents-invited version is usually held on a Friday, but due to a visit from the education authorities it had been rescheduled for today.

My friend is English, she married a Scot and lives in East Dumbartonshire. The primary school has a very high reputation, although the few kids with an English accent, including my friend's child has had a few problems with bullying in the past - the school has worked hard to try and stamp it out. This morning, their guest speaker was a cleric from the Church of Scotland.

He stood up, dressed in all his Christian finery, dog collar and regulation comb-over - and delivered his talk to a hall packed with impressionable young minds and their parents. He mentioned current events, spreading his Christian message throughout, weaving the Christian virtues of forgiveness, understanding and friendship throughout the speech.

He wound up with the story about last night's earthquake in Lincolnshire, England. He said that the 'quake was felt right across England and that there are initial reports of some structural damage.. He finished the with the quote - "It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people"....

Tell me, what chance do those kids in that Scottish primary school have of growing up without the anti-English bigoted baggage of earlier Scottish generations when such pillars of their community feel safe in spouting such drivel?

My friend is approaching the authorities with a view to getting this bigot in a dress banned from addressing schoolkids - forever.


Englisc Fyrd said...

I hope this gentleman is struck off for such behaviour.
Pretty nasty to act like that in front of children.
Frankly I'd move down south back to England if I where them, and leave the bigots to themselves.

Stephen Gash said...

We would all be happier if all the Scots in England went back to Scotland and all the English in Scotland came back home - and the border sealed.

William Gruff said...

Perhaps the reverend gentleman's name and address, telephone number etc. could be published?