Friday, December 14, 2007

McCavity­ - my part in his downfall....

Plotting the downfall of Gordon Brown and his McVichy Government really does take a lot of time, patience and focus nowadays. This last week, I've been up to my eyes doing stuff for the cause ­- and so postings have been as rare as sightings of Gordon Brown at a Mea Culpa convention......

The English Democrats' magazine, the 'English Voice' should be out any day now. I reckon it's our best yet -­ mind you, it should be, because it was a hell of a lot of work. There are also a few new YouTube offerings about to come off the production lines - I hope will be both amusing for the viewer and embarrassing for our great leader.

There are other things in the pipeline,­ none of which I can yet go into - but hopefully, this coming year is definitely going to be pivotal for the cause -­ and I believe it to be a golden opportunity to put even more pressure on the chimera that currently infests number 10.

I don't know about anyone else in the English community, but I have definitely crossed the Rubicon. Because of the danger to our democratic rights, the traitorous ineptitude of our English MPs, the routine disenfranchisement of our people and the somewhat clouded future of my kids, more and more of my work time is taken up with the cause of England.

Some things are much, much bigger than a career ­- the future of our country, for instance.

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