Monday, October 08, 2007

Alan Titchmarsh - another who doesn't know his Britarse from his England...

Oh dear me. Yet another media bod who gets confused about England and Britain. On today's 'Alan Titchmarsh Show' the great green fingered Yorkshireman introduced his guest Bill Bryson in his capacity as President of the CPRE - the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England.

Now I really do find Titchmarsh to be quite an irritant - he's always going on about Britain and Yorkshire - and then Britain again. I reckon he talks about Britain at least as many times as Great Britain Brown does, and that is simply several hundred times too many. And I seriously wonder about the sanity of this country's women - as apparently, his likeness is the most kissed mannequin in Madame Tussaud's..... There is just no accounting for taste.

Anyway, back to the show - Titchmarsh introduced Bryson as "the President of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Britain - the CPRE".

Incredible - he just could not utter the 'E' word - even though he gave us the acronym afterwards.

The conversation then meandered along with Titchmarsh subbing 'Britain' in where 'England' should have gone at every opportunity, even though, Bryson's remit is exclusively an English one, he never said a word to correct him.

It's a small, insignificant point - but it illustrates a bigger media agenda - and that is, the obsessional rebranding of England to the population. It has to stop.


Toque said...

But having watched the show I at least don't feel quite so bad about eating fish n chips.

Only 8% fat - less than curries, chinese, pizza and kebabs.

Malthebof said...

It could be connected with Titchmarsh's upcoming BBC TV series 'Thr Nature of Britain'

Stephen Gash said...

It is probably more to do with Titchmarsh being an insufferable knob