Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Next stop, Director General….

Alfie, the good citizen, graduate of the University of Skint and all round nice chap has managed to be voted onto the Audience Panel for a leading current events BBC TV programme….

I heard they were looking for viewers for their panel and applied, daring them to take me on…. And to my utter amazement, they have....... (I must have been awarded the token old scroat position).

Nevertheless, it's all a bit of a bit of a surprise really considering I must write around a letter a week to the Producers of the programme, criticising their vacuous and inaccurate anti-English content and thicko presenters, as they inanely mouth the words on the Autocue without having a rats bum what they are talking about…..

Now I’m on as a member, the duties of the Audience Panel are not to be taken lightly. As well as offering my views, I am expected to put forward ‘suggestions for relevant and current issues for coverage’ to the programme makers.

So that’ll be about the unfair and discriminatory treatment of the English then?….

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